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Alton Camera Club Annual General Meeting 2022
At Holybourne Village Hall
AGM proposals were voted as follows:

1. A Vice Chair position should be elected by the committee only.

Proposer: Kelvin Perry, Seconder: Tim Kelly


2. Light refreshments (tea & coffee) will be provided by the club free of charge at all meetings in the village hall for the 2022/23 season.

Proposer: Kelvin Perry, Seconder: Tim Kelly

Not a change that required an AGM vote - carried in AOB.

3. The current constitution should be reviewed with a view to making it more reflective of the size of the club. Any changes will need approval at a future EGM.

Proposer: David Hedley, Seconder: Tim Kelly


Alton Camera Club Exhibition 2021
At the Allen Gallery, Alton
We are holding an exhibition of prints at the Allen Gallery, Alton GU34 2BW until Saturday 4th December.
Please encourage your friends and family to visit. Admission is free.
Open 10:30-15:30, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. (Not Monday or Wednesday)
ACC Exhibition 2021
Competition Themes
Here are the challenge themes for upcoming season.
  • PDI 1: History, time passed
  • PDI 2: Opposites
  • PDI 3: Repetition
  • Print 1: Dreams and/or Nightmares
  • Print 2: Electrified
All the themes were suggested by various members, then voted for by the committee. "Dreams and/or Nightmares" was cancelled due to COVID from the 2019/20 season. As some people had already produced prints before the cancellation it was only fair to honour that theme. The first PDI competition this season will be "Song Titles".
EGM: 9th June 2021
Programme Secretary
Judith Stephens has kindly volunteered for the role.
AGM: 26th May 2021
Proposals discussed at the AGM on 26th May 2021
a. Goddard-Parrack trophy: Winners of The Goddard-Parrack memorial trophy for newcomers to the club are not eligible to win it on a second occasion.
Proposed by Kelvin Perry, seconded by Geoff Corbett.
Carried 16 votes to 1.
b. Progress trophy: There is a current discrepancy between the wording within the Constitution regarding the Progress Trophy, and how this is being awarded by the club.
The current wording is as follows: "Progress Trophy: This trophy, awarded by Geoffrey Jefferson FRPS in 1986/1987, is for the member who has shown greatest progress in photography over the period of the last year. The winning member is selected by the committee. Consideration is given to both progress in basic photography and exhibition successes in deciding the winner. If it is felt that no achievement is sufficiently outstanding, then no award will be made for that year. This trophy can be awarded jointly."
A previous committee decision set out that the fairest way to determine the winner of this award, was to compare competition scores from the previous season, against the current season, with the member with the greatest improvement in scores being the winner. This is fair for determining progress in basic photography as the club utilises competitions on a regular basis as an indication of success. However, the current wording is ambiguous, and how the award is currently being determined therefore, does not include the option for members who have enjoyed successes externally from the club to be recognised. I propose to amend the wording as follows:
"Progress Trophy: This trophy, awarded by Geoffrey Jefferson FRPS in 1986/1987, is for the member who has shown greatest progress in photography over the period of the last year. The winning member is determined by comparing the internal competition scores for each member for the current season against the same number of scores from the previous season. Members will have to had entered at least 50% of the competitions in both seasons to be considered." This is currently how it has been determined for the past 2 seasons.
To address the matter of external success, I am proposing a new award.
"External Success award: Members who have enjoyed success externally in salons, website competitions, gained photographic qualifications etc, can submit their work with supporting written documentation explaining the process completed, challenges faced, and number of competitors they were against etc. The work submitted will be showcased as a club evening to celebrate their work and share it with others. Members of the committee will then review the work, and supporting documentation, to determine a winner of the member who has achieved the most external success throughout the season. If it is felt that no achievement is sufficiently outstanding, then no award will be made for that year. This award can be awarded jointly".
Proposed by Lara Hoban, seconded by Clive Chater.
Proposal withdrawn by proposer.
Annual General Meeting 2019/2020
Proposals for discussion and voting 9 Sept at 7.30pm
Some proposals may be on a temporary, albeit long-term, basis due to the restrictions caused by Covid-19, eg, Holybourne Hall has restrictions that are not conducive to the ACC meeting there. So, some interim changes introduced may be reviewed once restrictions are lifted.

Proposal 1 - Virtual Membership Trial

A 4-month virtual Membership trial 20 Membership fee to cover September to December 2020 (or 25 to include all PDI competition entries during this time period). Meetings will be conducted via Zoom on a fortnightly basis, usually on a Wednesday evening.

During the trial period there will be one PDI competition and one speaker each month, expected to take place at the bi-weekly meetings. The programme is subject to minor changes to fit in with speakers’ commitments.

Field trips are included in the price.

This virtual Membership will be reviewed by the Committee during December 2020, and is proposed for a maximum 12 month period only rather than the usual 3 years.

Proposer: Wendy Davies Seconder: Lynne Harles Result: Accepted

Proposal 2 - "Chairman"

All references to “Chairman” throughout the Club, in documents, correspondence, meetings, etc, to be changed to “Chair".

Proposer: Nicky Day Seconder: Sarah Broadhead Result: Accepted

No other proposals were received by the Committee
A message from our Chairman 17 March 2020
"Dear ACC Members,

The continuing spread of Covid19, with accelerating growth in the UK, has led the government to recommend reduced social contact. This includes social gatherings in crowded places like pubs, clubs, and theatres.

Based on this advice, the committee has took the decision to cancel all further club meetings with immediate effect, and this includes the Presentation Evening on the 1st May. This will remain in effect until the government advice is to relax the newly imposed restrictions.

As there is no sign of Covid19 abating in the short term, this effectively means the season will now end with immediate effect. The hope is that the new season will start on time in September, but this is entirely reliant on the ongoing situation with Covid19 and government advice.

Of course there are still many things to work through, such as when the AGM should take place to decide on the structure of the committee for the new season and to complete the financial accounts from the prior season. It will be difficult right now to make those decisions until there is a clear path forward from the ongoing pandemic.

Numerous photography related meetings outside of the Alton Camera Club have also been cancelled, such as the Newbury Plate. Therefore if you still plan to attend such events, I would recommend making enquiries beforehand that the event is still taking place.

With regards the SCPF Championships at the end of March, this is beyond the scope of the Alton Camera Club Committee, and the decision rests with the SCPF Committee. No doubt, the SCPF will provide further guidance in due course with respect to this.

Some of you may also be aware that I myself am relocating to Oxford in the new 2 months and therefore will sadly be stepping down as Chairman of Alton Camera Club at the end of April. Since the season has ended prematurely, I will no longer be Chair when next season reconvenes. Firstly I would like to thank you for your patience in me fumbling my way through my first season as Chairman which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Secondly, a new Chairman will need to be found for the new season, so please do give it some thought if you are interested. If I can do it, I am sure you can too. I will still hope to attend a few meetings in the new season as an ordinary member.

Thank you for your patience and consideration. If you have any questions, please do post them to either WhatsApp, Facebook, or email our

We will endeavour to answer any questions, and post the FAQ's on the website and Facebook page.


Simon Richards.

ACC Chairman, on behalf of the ACC Committee."

A very warm welcome to all our new members.
Prospective members can come to up to three of our meetings and there will always be someone to help you. For practical evenings and talks a 5 donation is requested, which is deducted from your subsequent membership fee. You can join at any time during the season.
Photo Galleries on the Web
If you have a photo website or use a photo-sharing site such as Flickr or 500px then let us know and we'll add it to our Galleries page. Have a look at our Flickr group too.
Use of Images
Please note that your images entered in competitions may be shown on the Club website, in Club promotional material, in local media (online/print) and represent the Club in its exhibitions and external competitions (SCPF and elsewhere) unless you tell us otherwise.
Pre-cut print mounts at the regulation 500mm by 400mm dimensions, white and black, A4 and A3 are available at Club meetings. These are very popular and available at the reasonable price of 2.50 each. Available from our Treasurer
Proposals for discussion & voting at the 2018/19 AGM
Proposals were submitted to the for discussion and voting at the AGM. Below are the proposals submitted and their outcomes.

Themed Competitions

Topics for all the themed competitions to be chosen at the start of the season to give everyone a chance to get high quality images in time. Result: Accepted.

Proposer: Sue Snelson, Seconder: Clive Chater.

First Competition

The first competition of the season to be a more interactive and bonding one. Song Titles was suggested.  This has previously been very popular and will be easier for new members. Result: Accepted.

Proposer: Clive Chater, Seconder: Sue Snelson.

Newcomers' Trophy

A Newcomers' Trophy specifically for those who have been a member of any club for up to two seasons, no more. This trophy will be awarded to the highest placed member who meets this criteria. Result: Accepted.

Proposer: Jed Thornley, Seconder: Simon Richards.

Second Print Themed Competition

The second Print Challenge Themed competition to go alongside the first Print League competition. Result: Accepted.

Proposer: Clive Chater, Seconder: Jed Thornley.

Panel of Three Images Competition

To go alongside the first Print League competition, would be a "Set of Three Prints" in which the three images should work together. Result: Not accepted.

Proposer: Simon Richards, Seconder: Steve Kirkby

Print Entries Increased

Three Prints can be entered per Print tournament (both League and Challenge competitions). The Colour and Black & White Print trophies will still be the top four images selected, whilst the overall Print winner will be from all Prints used. Result: Not accepted.

Proposer: Clive Chater, Seconder: Jed Thornley.

Field Trips' Secretary

Field Trips Secretary to be made a committee member position, and non-officer Committee posts reduced by one. Result: Accepted.

Proposer: Steve Kirkby, Seconder: Simon Richards.

Publicity Secretary

Publicity Secretary to be made a committee member position and non-officer committee posts reduced by one. Result: Accepted.

Proposer: Steve Kirkby, Seconder: Simon Richards.

Number of Internal Competitions

The number of internal competition evenings should be limited to ten for the season, which includes AVs, and His & Hers. Result: Not accepted.

Proposer: Simon Richards, Seconder: Steve Kirkby

If you have any questions, please email our or .
SCPF Championships 2020
Sadly the SCPF Championships for 2020 have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Future updates about the 2020 Championships will follow.
Alton Camera Club has signed up to the easyfundraising site. This means that if you go via our page on their site when you are shopping online the Club will receive a donation, at no cost to you. The site works well for your weekly grocery shopping, holidays, insurance and utilities, and it especially helps at Christmas when you may well be thinking about buying presents online. The Club could benefit with the money used for guest speakers, equipment, field trips and more.
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There are no catches or hidden charges and the Club will be really grateful for your donations. If you have any questions please contact our Treasurer.
Easy to read PDF instructions: easyfundraising
Privacy Policy & GDPR
Our Privacy Policy can be found in our Legal Stuff section.
If you have any questions, please email .

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