Individual Themed Competitions
A number of one-off themed competitions are judged through the season. The competitions are usually run on an evening when a league competition is also being judged. The winners of previous years' competitions can be found on this link: Previous seasons' trophy winners.
If you are interested in entering the competitions, you may find it helpful to read the essential guides to creating PDIs & Prints.
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Individual Themed Challenge Competitions for 2022/23 Season
The following challenges (and competition dates) have been agreed for the 2022/23 season:
PDI Challenges
      Water            (30 November 2022)
      Architecture    (11 January 2023)
      Deterioration   (01 March 2023)

Print Challenges
      Low Light       (09 November 2022)
      Best of British (08 February 2023)

Challenge Competition results in 2021/22 Season
Print Challenge 2, Electrified
30/03/22 Judge: Keith Newton LRPS
FirstClive ChaterElectric Shock
SecondIan BaileyI dream of wires
ThirdLynne Harles LRPSLet the sparks fly
HCIan BaileyVoltamorte
HCIan BaileyElectra
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FirstClive ChaterElectric Shock10
SecondIan BaileyI dream of wires10
ThirdLynne Harles LRPSLet the sparks fly10
HCIan BaileyVoltamorte10
HCIan BaileyElectra
Clive ChaterCosmic Egg
Clive ChaterElectric Barbarella
Kelvin PerryElectriFRIED
Kelvin PerryLooking up9
Lynne Harles LRPSThe light inside9
Lynne Harles LRPSWe've got the power9
Barry Clark40 watt candle
Geoff CorbettBeen trampolining
Geoff CorbettWired City
Tim KellyElectrified Gas ignition
Barry ClarkDecember Lights8
Barry ClarkElectricity Substation8
Tim KellyElectrified welding8
Tony ColeWired For Sound8
Kelvin PerryPower
Tony ColeAn Electrical Conundrum
PDI Challenge 3, Repetition
23/02/22 Judge: Keven Sandall
FirstWendy DaviesBalenciaga Bicycles
SecondTony ColeRepetative Perspective
ThirdKelvin PerryAnother roll of the dice
HCBarry ClarkMove Over Starling
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FirstWendy DaviesBalenciaga Bicycles10
SecondTony ColeRepetative Perspective10
ThirdKelvin PerryAnother roll of the dice10
HCBarry ClarkMove Over Starling10
Clive ChaterBehind Closed Doors
Ian BaileyTotem9
Steve EmmersonEnergy9
Andrew SorrellSorry we sold out of th...
Clive ChaterUkrainian Market
Ian BaileyOctavia
Kelvin PerryChairs
Lynne Harles4 holes
Steve EmmersonGems
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVGridline
Tony ColeBig & Mean Big &...
Wendy DaviesAbbey Road Blackpool
Barry ClarkKaleidoscope8
Lynne HarlesLike Father Like Daughter
Renee SmithGroin's Train
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AV'I shall say zis only o...
Renee SmithThe City7
Andrew SorrellShadows0
Tony Berridge Panorama Cup
09/02/22 Judge: Jason Hyde CPAGB
FirstClive ChaterThe Romance of the Telescope
SecondTony ColeSunsets Last Kite Surfers
ThirdTony ColeA London Icon
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FirstClive ChaterThe Romance of the Tele...10
SecondTony ColeSunsets Last Kite Surfers10
ThirdTony ColeA London Icon
Ian BaileyDansa de Fantasmes9
Clive ChaterMillennium Bridge
Kelvin PerryEarly Morning
Kelvin PerryRiverside Reflection
Lynne HarlesBlackfriars Bridge
Clive ChaterConfined8
Ian BaileyHermione shoots Harry a...8
Lynne HarlesIn Step8
Tony ColeNew Forest Autumn Scene8
Barry ClarkFarnham Lights
Barry ClarkFoxconn Graphics Card
Kelvin PerryWindow into a different...
Wendy DaviesThe Calm Before The Storm
Geoff CorbettClouds over Four Marks ...7
Ian BaileyBridge over the River Wey7
Lynne HarlesAcross the golden field7
Wendy DaviesJessie's Hen Do7
PDI Challenge 2: Opposites
06/01/22 Judge: Jon Mitchell
FirstClive ChaterPoint to Point
SecondGeoff CorbettOld and New Architectures
ThirdKelvin PerryChalk & Cheese
HCTim KellyWar & Peace
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FirstClive ChaterPoint to Point10
SecondGeoff CorbettOld and New Architectures
ThirdKelvin PerryChalk & Cheese
HCTim KellyWar & Peace
Barry ClarkHeads or Tails9
Kelvin PerryCheck9
Clive ChaterThe Two of Cups
Lynne HarlesOld & New Yellow &a...
Tony ColeA Classic Opposite Of A...
Tony ColeYou Could Say The Oppos...
Barry ClarkKing verses Queen8
Ian BaileyConflict of information8
Judith StephensNature's Mini Magnifiers8
Lynne HarlesIce burns8
Renee SmithHair Envy8
Renee SmithTwo Types of Flight8
Richard BeckMute Swan8
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVStonework Winchester Ca...8
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVThe Conversation8
Andrew SorrellSquare the Circle
Geoff CorbettFigure-Ground Textures
Tim KellyLife & Death
Judith StephensKestrel In Flight7
Richard BeckHeart on the Wing7
Ian BaileyRed and Green6
Print Challenge 1: Dreams and/or Nightmares
24/11/21 Judge: Gordon Brown
FirstClive ChaterGravely Disturbing
SecondClive ChaterBrutal Assault
ThirdLynne HarlesRough Sea
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FirstClive ChaterGravely Disturbing10
SecondClive ChaterBrutal Assault10
ThirdLynne HarlesRough Sea
Barry ClarkDeep in the Woods
Renee SmithPanic
Ian BaileyUndir sjo9
Judith StephensImprisoned by Aliens9
Tony ColeBeing Hunted Down By A ...9
Wendy DaviesChucky9
Barry ClarkOut of the Vortex
Barry ClarkWasp spider
Clive ChaterI Wanna End It
Ian BaileyWar zone baby
Jed ThornleyWhen I sleep he haunts me
Jed ThornleyWhen you go down to the...
Kelvin PerrySpider
Kelvin PerryTime for be
Tony ColeKite Surfers Nightmare
Geoff CorbettStrange creatures in my...8
Jed ThornleyDoctor Death8
Kelvin PerryThe Witches of Holybourne8
Lynne HarlesBurnt8
Wendy DaviesYou're Nicked8
Wendy DaviesZombie8
Geoff CorbettI dreamt I rode inot a ...
Geoff CorbettI remember a red bird
Ian BaileyYou may wake from this ...
Lynne HarlesWatched
Renee SmithIt's Not Safe in the Fo...
Tony ColeJust Trying To Get To S...
Judith StephensGhost Driver Returns7
Judith StephensThe Fire Pit Gang7
Renee SmithDreaming Horses7
Kay Stickland Portrait Prints
10/11/21 Judge: Carl Reeve LMPA
FirstTony ColeDeep Thoughts - Young Boxer
SecondKelvin PerryLooking at You
ThirdBarry ClarkJump for Joy
HCClive ChaterHalcyon Days
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FirstTony ColeDeep Thoughts - Young B...10
SecondKelvin PerryLooking at You10
ThirdBarry ClarkJump for Joy10
HCClive ChaterHalcyon Days10
Ian BaileySeventeen of 19369
Ian BaileyTangled thoughts of sor...9
Jed ThornleyLarnie9
Judith StephensThe Ageing Jester9
Kelvin PerryWoodland Girl9
Lynne HarlesThe Artist9
Tony ColeThank You So Much Vicar9
Wendy DaviesYoung Protester9
Barry ClarkSleeping Piglets
Clive ChaterIn the Summertime
Geoff CorbettPensive
Geoff CorbettTilford Cricketer
Jed ThornleyThe wild barn owl
Judith StephensQuietly Pleased
Lynne HarlesIn the limelight
Tony ColeReflective Mood - Elles...
Clive ChaterThat Audrey Hepburn Look8
Geoff CorbettPatric playing the trum...8
Judith StephensBemused by Bubbles8
Kelvin PerryGrandads hat8
Barry ClarkEleanor
Ian BaileyQymyr druri dhe shkumesi
Jed ThornleyIt's a rough game
Lynne HarlesHannah
Renee SmithRockin' Ron Rocks On7
Wendy DaviesSouthsea Couple7
Wendy DaviesThomas and His Friend7
Renee SmithBeauty in Rags0
PDI Challenge 1: History & Times Past
27/10/21 Judge: Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB
FirstSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVThe Golfing Society
SecondIan Bailey1984
ThirdTim KellyIts time has passed
HCWendy DaviesShared History
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FirstSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVThe Golfing Society10
SecondIan Bailey1984
ThirdTim KellyIts time has passed
HCWendy DaviesShared History9
Kelvin PerryLegionnaire at Rest9
Barry ClarkRedundant
Judith StephensAll Aboard
Kelvin PerryFire!
Lynne HarlesThe Water Meadow
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVFlight Deck; Edwardian ...
Tim KellyThis fly is history
Tony ColeWhen Men First Fought I...
Wendy DaviesHemingway's Old Haunt
Barry ClarkShoemakers Cottage 17728
Dave HedleySeen better days8
Dave HedleyVulcan8
Geoff CorbettBack in the 70s8
Ian BaileyTime Carraige8
Jed ThornleyMilky Way over Stonehenge8
Jed ThornleyOnce I stood8
Judith StephensGuardian of the Chained...8
Keith WhitingEarly Ruins8
Lynne HarlesShining Armour8
Tony ColeRoundheads Vs Cavaliers8
Clive ChaterLada Riva Appreciation ...
Clive ChaterPop Art
Richard BeckThe Golden Age of Steam
Geoff CorbettPrinter at Work7
Keith HeardMan in the window7
Keith WhitingFrom a Bygone Era7
Richard BeckMen of Steam7
Steve Emmerson707 brake valve change7
Keith HeardPolice chase
Olwen PartonBygone age of steam
Olwen PartonThe Spinster
Renee SmithRed Sands Fort
Steve EmmersonDetermination
Renee SmithLipari CAThedral Cloister6
Song Titles
22/09/21 Judge: Peter Markwick
FirstTony ColeSweet Caroline
SecondLinda HabberfieldNellie the Elephant
ThirdBarry ClarkFace in the Rock
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FirstTony ColeSweet Caroline10
SecondLinda HabberfieldNellie the Elephant10
ThirdBarry ClarkFace in the Rock10
Clive ChaterThe Romance of the Tele...
Ian BaileyThe Lemon song
Kelvin PerrySurfin U.S.A
Steve EmmersonNo milk Today
Keith WhitingCastle on the Hill9
Richard Beckdon't it make your brow...9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVMercedes Benz9
Judith StephensWindmills of Your Mind
Kelvin PerryOne Two Selfie
Lynne HarlesPerfect Timing
Renee SmithA Spoonful of Sugar
Richard BeckJump
Steve EmmersonAnother Brick in the Wall
Tony ColeLean On Me
Wendy DaviesThe Model
Barry ClarkFeed Me8
Clive ChaterShameless Fashion8
Geoff CorbettDemolition Man8
Geoff CorbettPower8
Ian BaileyThrow down the sword8
Judith StephensGhost Riders in the Sky8
Keith WhitingWinter Wonderland8
Olwen Parton(I'll be with you) In a...8
Renee SmithSomebody's Watching Me8
Wendy DaviesFree Palestine8
Linda HabberfieldThere's a Storm Coming
Lynne HarlesThe Bandstand
Olwen PartonEmpty chairs at empty t...
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVKeep on Running
Challenge Competitions 2020/21 Season
1. The Decisive Moment
28/10/20 Judge: Paul Thackeray LRPS
FirstPhil Thomaspoolside playtime
SecondSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVClosing In
ThirdClive ChaterThe Element of Surprise
HCClive ChaterI Believe I Can Fly
HCTony ColeA Decisive Choice....That One !
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FirstPhil Thomaspoolside playtime10
SecondSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVClosing In10
ThirdClive ChaterThe Element of Surprise10
HCClive ChaterI Believe I Can Fly10
HCTony ColeA Decisive Choice....Th...10
Keith WhitingWhat you can't see can ...
Linda HabberfieldTemple of Heaven Gardens
Renee SmithGarlic Thief Revealed
Steve EmmersonBang
Emily HeathHigh Jump9
Kelvin PerryTime to move9
Kelvin PerryWaiting for the perfect...9
Lynne HarlesDe-lick-ious9
Phil Thomasnowhere near the Gare S...9
Sue DeweyEnd of the road9
Barry ClarkIn the bag
Geoff CorbettGot It
Lynne HarlesFall-ing
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVJump Chump
Wendy Davies LRPSConfetti Candid
Wendy Davies LRPSMan vs Bird
Daisy MurrantBiker Dude8
Dave HedleyConquored8
Geoff CorbettGetting Out of Control8
Julie NicholsonGoing for it8
Keith HeardAn eye for a meal8
Steve EmmersonIt's all mine8
Sue DeweyA Birdie putt8
Tony ColeSaint or Sinner Decisiv...8
Zoë ThomasSheer Delight8
Dave HedleyMate!
Ian BaileyOctober 16th 1917
Keith Heardthe tackle
Keith WhitingAlignment
Kevin WarnerDecisiveMomentCoffeeOrO...
Lara HobanAbout To Break
Linda HabberfieldEeny Meeny
Peter MurrantAbout to fly Butterfly
Peter MurrantTime to settle
Renee SmithThe Final Journey
Barry ClarkThe High Street7
Emily HeathSleeping Beauty7
Ian BaileyThe winning pass7
Julie NicholsonIn the air7
Kevin WarnerShall I RutOrNot7
Nicky DayWhat shall I wish for7
Zoë ThomasTake Off7
Daisy MurrantGot my eye on you
Lara HobanHanging By A Thread
Nicky DayChoice6
2. Size Isn't Everything
25/11/20 Judge: Maria Leekblade LRPS AFIAP DPAGB
FirstTony ColeSmall Lightweight Eh...Take That !
SecondRenee SmithLittle Ship of Dunkirk
ThirdTony ColeIt's Not Size My Lad...It's Technique You Need
HCSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVVulcan Departure
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FirstTony ColeSmall Lightweight Eh......10
SecondRenee SmithLittle Ship of Dunkirk10
ThirdTony ColeIt's Not Size My Lad......10
HCSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVVulcan Departure10
Clive ChaterWashing Machine
Lynne HarlesI say there is no darkn...
Wendy Davies LRPSLearning About Size
Kelvin PerryBeachy Head9
Phil Thomassize isn't everything b...9
Barry ClarkAerial predator
Kelvin PerryI too could be a champion
Barry ClarkHigh chair8
Clive ChaterThe World's Tallest Bri...8
Daisy MurrantMr Long Legs8
Dave Hedleybut sometimes its just ...8
Ian BaileySAY WHAT8
Jed ThornleyEG54 ZTD Steam Engine8
Renee SmithA Little Bird Told Me8
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVYellow Fly (Diachlorus ...8
Zoë ThomasTiny Miracle of Nature8
Daisy MurrantEverything works
Keith HeardScale Scotsman at speed
Peter MurrantPollinator
Phil Thomassome trees are bigger t...
Steve EmmersonThis fits
Wendy Davies LRPSStormtrooper in Training
Zoë ThomasAgainst the Tide
Dave HedleyIt still hurts7
Jed ThornleyGo on I dare you7
Julie NicholsonLadder7
Keith HeardShes behind you7
Keith WhitingHope this is better tha...7
Lynne HarlesDownsizing7
Peter MurrantMini7
Steve EmmersonBig and Blue7
Ian BaileyImage size isnt everyth...
Julie NicholsonLost in Space
Lara HobanThe tallest have the fu...
Lara HobanTiny worlds hold great ...
Keith WhitingSupersonic Mini Hero0
3. Metal
6/1/21 Judge: Malcolm Bull
FirstTony ColeThese Will Help You To Loosen Up
SecondKelvin PerryA Plane Mirror
ThirdKeith WhitingRusty D-Day Relics
HCAndrew SorrellReflections
HCDave HedleyConcorde
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FirstTony ColeThese Will Help You To ...10
SecondKelvin PerryA Plane Mirror10
ThirdKeith WhitingRusty D-Day Relics
HCAndrew SorrellReflections
HCDave HedleyConcorde
Barry ClarkCorrugated9
Barry ClarkTriple carbs9
Jed ThornleyThe 76017 to Alton9
Lynne HarlesOn a knife-edge9
Renee SmithThe Pan Shop9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVSteampipes9
Andrew SorrellDirty British Coaster
Clive ChaterForks
Ian BaileyIron Maiden
Jed ThornleyHad its day
Keith HeardFace in the Park
Kelvin PerryBurnt metal
Lynne HarlesRedox reaction
Phil Thomasunderneath the bridge
Phil ThomasV notch weir
Renee SmithThe Back Entrance
Steve EmmersonDynohub
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVSpirit of Ecstasy
Wendy Davies LRPSAbstract Tea Strainer
Clive ChaterTin Opener8
Dave HedleyAccess to the Underworld8
Ian BaileyRyd i Fridi8
Keith HeardMetal Gear8
Keith WhitingEntwined8
Steve EmmersonMeccano8
Tony ColeBorn Free Without Wire....8
Zoë ThomasFunnels8
Peter MurrantMiniature Metal Marvel
Wendy Davies LRPSCheese Grater
Zoë ThomasNumber 4
Ben HollowayMetal Stallion7
Daisy MurrantBESSACARR7
Daisy MurrantCar Park this way7
Peter MurrantOur metal history7
Song Titles
3/2/21 Judge: Paul Bradley
FirstTony ColeWho Let The Dogs Out
SecondSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVWalk This Way
ThirdKeith WhitingWalking on the Moon
HCBarry ClarkRock around the clock
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FirstTony ColeWho Let The Dogs Out10
SecondSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVWalk This Way10
ThirdKeith WhitingWalking on the Moon10
HCBarry ClarkRock around the clock10
Andrew SorrellHow much is that doggy ...
Ian BaileyTheres a Ghost in my Ho...
Wendy Davies LRPSThe Man in the Mirror
Ian BaileyThe Witch9
Becky BostromBlinding Lights
Kelvin PerryI want to be free
Neil Bakermorning has broken
Renee SmithLondon Calling
Renee SmithThank You For Being A F...
Becky BostromI saw a tiger8
Clive ChaterWalking on Broken Glass8
Graham DeweyCastle on the Hill8
Graham DeweyOn the Beach8
Jed ThornleyDiana Ross Reflection8
Keith WhitingCathedrals of the Mind8
Kelvin PerryTwistin' in the Rain8
Neil Bakerlady in red chirs deburgh8
Nicky Day(No) Blur - Country House8
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVCrocodile Rock8
Tony ColeJump8
Zoë ThomasWalking in a Winter Won...8
Barry ClarkHawkmoth
Ben HollowaySplish Splash
Jed ThornleyUSS Shipwreck
Judith StephensBridge over troubled wa...
Keith HeardWherever I lay my hat
Lynne HarlesUnder the boardwalk
Phil ThomasI can see clearly now
Steve EmmersonTake Five
Sue DeweyThese boots are made fo...
Wendy Davies LRPSThe Chauffeur
Ben HollowayMonarchy of Roses7
Clive ChaterRabbit7
Nicky DayYou Make Me Wanna Shout7
Steve EmmersonHole in my shoe7
Zoë ThomasFox on the Run7
Judith StephensI am sailing
Keith HeardWhile my guitar gently ...
Lynne HarlesPink and velvet
Phil Thomasbridge over troubled wa...
Sue DeweyBorn Free
4. Kay Stickland Portraits
3/2/21 Judge: Paul Bradley
FirstTony ColeFaye The Petite Kick Boxer
SecondKelvin Perry3 little Indians
ThirdAndrew SorrellInto the wild monochrome yonder
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FirstTony ColeFaye The Petite Kick Bo...10
SecondKelvin Perry3 little Indians10
ThirdAndrew SorrellInto the wild monochrom...10
Lynne HarlesLayers of Life10
Judith StephensSad Memories
Judith StephensThoughtful
Becky BostromBella9
Ian BaileyBORG9
Keith WhitingSue9
Steve EmmersonJane9
Tony ColeSinger Elles Baily9
Graham DeweyDaydreaming
Jed ThornleyMaze
Neil BakerSultry
Phil Thomasskater girl
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVBiker Girl
Wendy Davies LRPSMirror Phoenix
Barry ClarkSummertime8
Keith HeardSally in the snow8
Andrew SorrellThe Old Engineer
Barry ClarkPretty with Pink
Graham DeweySikh
Ian BaileyRuby
Jed ThornleyGuy
Kelvin PerryLaika
Louisa MorrachanAutumn Walks
Neil BakerVice
Phil Thomashair extensions
Renee SmithThe Weekly Treat
Steve EmmersonAlf
Zoë ThomasHappy in Love
Zoë ThomasMonk
Ben HollowayInquisitive Pup7
Clive ChaterIlluminating7
Clive ChaterWhat Do You Want7
Nicky DayDylan7
Nicky DaySucculent7
Renee SmithMorris7
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVStarstruck7
Sue DeweyKruger Park Ranger7
Wendy Davies LRPSLiving La Vida Lockdown7
Becky BostromJosh
Ben HollowayElegance
Keith WhitingHolly
Louisa MorrachanThe Girl
Lynne HarlesThe Green Man
Keith HeardMoonlighting Santa6
Sue Dewey3446076
5. Light and Shadow
24/3/21 Judge: Paul Parkinson LRPS CPAGB BPE1*
FirstPhil Thomasend of the day at the beach
SecondJed ThornleyThe sorry look
ThirdTim KellyA Light and its Shadow
HCRenee SmithThe Redbreast
HCTony ColeA Tranquil Morning's Break
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FirstPhil Thomasend of the day at the b...10
SecondJed ThornleyThe sorry look10
ThirdTim KellyA Light and its Shadow10
HCRenee SmithThe Redbreast
HCTony ColeA Tranquil Morning's Br...
Andrew SorrellBerlin Shadows
Barry ClarkPrism mirror9
Ian BaileyBrockham Hill Lane9
Keith WhitingPoniting the Way9
Lynne HarlesShadow of Glass9
Tony ColeOut Of The Misty Shadow...9
Wendy Davies LRPSMan in the Window9
Clive ChaterLook at Me
Jed ThornleyEarly morning giow
Keith WhitingDark Reflections
Kelvin PerryGazelle Trap
Louisa MorrachanSolitary
Renee SmithBack in Time
Ben HollowayMerging Oposites8
Clive ChaterBodyscape8
Kelvin PerryChasing Shadows8
Louisa MorrachanShadows8
Neil Bakergoliath fallsl8
Neil Bakerrock pool8
Phil Thomaslayers of leaves8
Steve Emmersonimprint8
Andrew SorrellLighten our darkness
Barry ClarkWeathered posts
Judith StephensMorning Dew
Lynne HarlesAvon crossing
Steve EmmersonBorder
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVCity
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVSilver Medals
Wendy Davies LRPSEvery Light in the hous...
Ben HollowayThe Demon Within7
Ian BaileyBlu7
Judith StephensDereliction7
6. Curves
24/3/21 Judge: Paul Parkinson LRPS CPAGB BPE1*
FirstTony ColeCurvaceous Flamingo
SecondTony ColeThe Ultimate Curved Back Scratcher
ThirdJed ThornleyThe River Wey
HCBarry ClarkRed eye
HCWendy Davies LRPSReflections in the Water
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FirstTony ColeCurvaceous Flamingo10
SecondTony ColeThe Ultimate Curved Bac...10
ThirdJed ThornleyThe River Wey10
HCBarry ClarkRed eye
HCWendy Davies LRPSReflections in the Water
Kelvin PerryCurvy Natasha
Ben HollowayAutumn Swirl9
Clive ChaterConfined9
Keith WhitingWavelength9
Neil BakerWinterwheat9
Phil Thomasclarifier curves9
Phil Thomastwisted tree9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVYork Railway Station9
Tim KellyCoat Hanger Curves9
Andrew SorrellReflections
Andrew SorrellThe Universe in a Dande...
Kelvin PerryPaddington Arches
Lynne HarlesThe Bat
Lynne HarlesWXG
Renee SmithSheikh Zayed Mosque
Barry ClarkFrosted reeds8
Clive ChaterCornflake Girl8
Ian BaileyAuto Cuartha8
Jed ThornleyThe rose of Tranquility8
Keith WhitingAlpha8
Neil Bakermaserati8
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVCurly-Wurly8
Wendy Davies LRPSUrban Curves8
Judith StephensInto the Clouds
Renee SmithOpera House
Steve EmmersonS bend
Ian BaileyCO87
Judith StephensFlying to the Light7
Louisa MorrachanThe Way Home7
Steve EmmersonArch7
Individual Competition Scores in our 2019/20 Season
PDI Challenge 1 - "Movement" - 20 November 2019
Judge: Peter Rocchiccioli BA ARPS EFIAP

First: Ghost Dancing, Ian Bailey

Third: Transport Initiated, Chrissy Hutsell

Second: Front Row, Steve Kirkby CPAGB-AV
(image withheld)

All scores of the PDI Movement competition
Author Title Score Author Title Score
Ian Bailey Ghost Dancing (1st) 10 Simon Richards In A Spin 7.5
The Beat 9.5   Running On Water 9
Andrew Sorrell Berry Splash 9 Nicky Day Poodle Dressage 8
  Spinning Out Of Control 8.5   Take Off 8
Clive Chater Jump 8 Linda Habberfield Leap of Faith 7.5
  Overdose 9   Shot Wood 7.5
Kelvin Perry Diamond nine 8.5 David J Wright Come on babe, lets go 6
  Speeding by 9   The Ghosts of war 8.5
Wendy Davies Carousel 9 Sue Snelson bottom up 9
  Getting some air 9.5   wirewool 8
Tony Cole Bass Sound In Movement 8.5 Steve Kirkby Front Row (2nd) 10
  Chaos 8.5 CPAGB-AV Twenty-nine 9
Barry Clark Hummingbird hawkmoth 9 Ben Holloway Last Orders At The Westgate 9
  Joy of running 8   The Mitchell Brothers 9
Jed Thornley Like a arrow 8.5 Dave Hedley Does What It Says On The Tin 8
  Zoom 8.5   Kiting 9
Chrissy Hutsell Night Radio 8 Phil Thomas Frozen Movement 7
  Transport Initiated (3rd) 10   Great South Run 9.5
Lynne Harles Street Dance 8 Nicola Trubridge On the Run in the Hebredies 7
Thats Interesting 8 The Bus App 7.5

Kay Stickland Portrait (Print) Competition - 30 October 2019
Judge - Sue Sibley ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE3*

First: Fiddling, Lynne Harles

Second: Ally Antics, Clive Chater

Third: Portrait of Mr Blues Paul Jones, Tony Cole

All scores of the Print Portrait competition
Author Title Score Author Title Score
Adam Trubridge Contemplation 8 Kelvin Perry Christina 8
  * Grandad 7.5   Market Trader 8.5
Andrew Sorrell Jake 8.5 Lynne Harles Blue 8
  Portrait of a Queen 7   * Fiddling (1st) 10
Barry Clark Trendy Fella 7.5 Nicola Trubridge A Walk in the Woods 2 8
  Woodland Play 8.5   * Anna @ 15 9
Clive Chater * Ally Antics (2nd) 10 Phil Thomas cool and swinging 8.5
  Magenta Nails 8   teenage attitude 8
Dave Hedley Holly Cook 9 Simon Richards An Experienced Blacksmith (HC) 8.5
  Tuba! 7.5   * Relaxed Steam Engine Mechanic 9.5
David Troughton Girl with yellow hair 8.5 Tony Cole * Portrait of Mr Blues Paul Jones (3rd) 9.5
  Rockstar 7.5   * Portrait of The Young Boxer 9
Ian Bailey Painted Lady 8 Wendy Davies Luisa 9
  Rainbow Rider 8.5   Roll up! (HC) 9.5
Jed Thornley Focus 7
  Lilly 8.5

* = Mono

HC = Highly Commended

PDI Competition 'Song Titles' - 18 September 2019
Judge - Kelly-Louise Jennings

First: Sweet Pea, Barry Clark

Second: Surfin' USA, Jed Thornley

Third: Down In The Sewer, Clive Chater

All scores of the Song Titles Competition (alphabetical by author)

Title Author Score Title Author Score
Boris The Spider Andrew Sorrell 9 At The Library Kevin Warner 8
Reflections Andrew Sorrell 9 Bridges Kevin Warner 7.5
Nights in White Satin Barry Clark 7.5 Forever Autumn Lara Hoban 6.5
Sweet Pea Barry Clark 10 I'll be there for you Lara Hoban 9
Lions in the Wild Becky Bostrom 9.5 Blue Suede Shoes Linda Habberfield 7.5
New York City Becky Bostrom 9 Sugar Sugar Linda Habberfield 8.5
RockStar Becky Robinson 9 Back to back Lynne Harles 8.5
Stone in my hand Becky Robinson 9 I love my dog Lynne Harles 9.5
Sailing Chrissy Hutsell 7.5 Chasing Cars Nicky Day 8
The Boys of Summer Chrissy Hutsell 8.5 Nelson Mandela Nicky Day 7.5
Down In The Sewer Clive Chater 9.5 Misty Olwen Parton 8
Tommy Gun Clive Chater 9 Some enchanted evening Olwen Parton 8.5
Green Onions David J Wright 7 BlueBird Simon Richards 8.5
Into The Light David J Wright 8 Wheelchair Simon Richards 8
No Milk Today Graham Dewey 6.5 Burnin' Sky Sue Dewey 9
Wheel in the Sky Graham Dewey 7 Rebel Rebel Sue Dewey 8
life on Mars Ian Bailey 9 Food Glorious Food Sue Snelson 7.5
The Green Manalishi Ian Bailey 9 The Boxer Tony Cole 8.5
Surfin' USA Jed Thornley 10 Walking The Dog Tony Cole 9.5
White Wedding Jed Thornley 7.5 Drowning Man Wendy Davies 9.5
Winner takes it All Kelvin Perry 9.5 Silhouettes Wendy Davies 7.5
Writings on the Wall Kelvin Perry 8.5

Results of our 2018/19 Season
Themed Challenge 4 (Print) "Yellow": judged by Martin Pickles.
Storm, Ian Bailey

Storm, Ian Bailey

Sunset Silhouette, Tony Cole

Sunset Silhouette, Tony Cole

The dark figure, Jed Thornley

The Dark Figure, Jed Thornley

Reflection, Simon Richards

Highly commended:
Simon Richards

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FirstIan BaileyStorm10
SecondTony ColeSunset Silhouette10
ThirdJed ThornleyThe Dark Figure10
HCSimon RichardsReflection10
Barry ClarkSkunk Cabbage Flower
Clive ChaterStripy Tights
Simon RichardsTasting The Nectar
Barry ClarkHazel Catkins Pollen9
Clive ChaterSixteen9
Ian BaileyPainted9
Wendy DaviesYellow Pontiac9
Tony ColeGolden Reflection
Wendy DaviesWelsh Poppy
Jed ThornleyWhat's over there8
Themed Challenge 3 (PDIs) "Abstract": judged by Jeff Lawrence.
Arcs and Curves, Simon Richards

Arcs and Curves
Simon Richards

I am not a number I am ... Ian Bailey

I Am Not A number I am...
Ian Bailey

Autumn Colours, Lynne Harles

Autumn Colours Lynne Harles

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FirstSimon RichardsArcs and Curves10
SecondIan BaileyI am not a number I am ...10
ThirdLynne HarlesAutumn Colours10
Barry ClarkAmmonite10
Steve GregoryLava Bomb10
Linda HabberfieldPalette
Wendy DaviesFire and Ice
Clive ChaterStripy9
Linda HabberfieldOrpheus9
Shirley LowesSpring9
Steve GregoryDriftwood9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVAbstract Grid9
Andrew SorrellA Place to Reflect
Andrew SorrellWoodpecker
Ian BaileyI am what I am and that...
Jed ThornleyChameleons tail
Kelvin PerryThe Halo
Lynne HarlesElephant Trunk
Nicky DayAbstract2
Phil Thomascontext abstracted
Simon RichardsHaunted
Wendy GavinAbstraction
Wendy GavinWoodknot
Clive ChaterCurvatures8
Dave HedleyCoffee Handle8
Olwen PartonRadials8
Olwen PartonSwirling orb8
Phil Thomastohuwabohu8
Steve EmmersonAlmond Cake8
Wendy DaviesStairway to Heaven8
Barry ClarkSpring Woodland
Becky BostromOslo Opera
Dave HedleyBubbles
Jed ThornleyKiwi
Kelvin PerryThe Beach
Nicky DayAbstract1
Sarah BroadheadCeiling
Sarah BroadheadToo hot to handle
Tony ColeFace of Leaves
Becky BostromKew Lights7
Jane NobesMirror Mirror7
Larry LowesBuildings7
Larry LowesOld Rafters7
Shirley LowesTemporary Roof at The V...7
Steve EmmersonFruit Loops7
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVAbstract A7
Tony ColeDaydreaming Holidays7
Kay Stickland Portrait (Prints): judged by Matthew White
Portrait Of A Soul Singer, Tony Cole

Portrait Of A Soul Singer,
Tony Cole

Happy boy in the bluebell woods, Jed Thornley

Happy boy in the bluebell woods
Jed Thornley

Portrait of Mr Martin Harley, Tony Cole

Portrait of Mr Martin Harley,
Tony Cole

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FirstTony ColePortrait Of A Soul Singer10
SecondJed ThornleyHappy boy in the bluebe...10
ThirdTony ColePortrait of Mr Martin H...10
HCKelvin PerryCome ride with me
HCDave HedleyJahmal Nichols9
Jed ThornleyOllie the Collie9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVGeorge9
Barry ClarkContemplation
Kelvin PerryRed Hot Chilli Peppers
Phil Thomashorse and rider
Phil Thomasportrait of a selfie
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVLady in Sunglasses
Wendy DaviesGirl on a Train
Wendy DaviesRunning out of Steam
Barry ClarkWill it Wobble8
Dave HedleyYohsuke on Sax8
Simon RichardsGetting Ready For The B...8
Clive ChaterBell Tobacco
Clive ChaterThe Girl With The Golde...
Ian BaileyBFG
Ian BaileyImagine7
Simon RichardsGhostly Goings On7
Themed Challenge 2 (PDIs) "Christmas": judged by Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB
Waiting for Father Christmas, Phil Thomas

Waiting for Father Christmas,
Phil Thomas

Bauble, Barry Clark

Bauble, Barry Clark

Arrested Development, Linda Habberfield

Arrested Development,
Linda Habberfield

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FirstPhil ThomasWaiting for Father Chri...10
SecondBarry ClarkBauble10
ThirdLinda HabberfieldArrested Development10
Ben HollowayThe Last Present
Ian BaileyBaa Humbug
Ian BaileyWhos wine What wine Whe...
Kelvin PerryOn Christmas Eve
Steve GregoryWaiting for Santa
Ben HollowayChristmas Refraction9
Clive ChaterHippy Christmas9
Jed ThornleyDo I look like a deer9
Lynne HarlesUnder the Yew Tree9
Olwen PartonChristmas reflections9
Simon RichardsEasy Does It9
Tony ColeHello...My Christmas Ha...9
Tony ColeRoll On Boxing Day9
Barry ClarkAlways Read the Label F...
Clive ChaterRed Christmas
Kelvin PerryRinging home at Christmas
Nicky DayChristmas
Olwen PartonSantas for sale
Phil ThomasHarry's Nativity
Dave HedleyTree by the Pool8
Linda HabberfieldBaub£es8
Lynne HarlesAn Angel passing by8
Steve EmmersonWinchester market8
Steve EmmersonXmas ice rink8
Wendy DaviesOrigami Ornament8
Dave HedleyBaubles
Simon RichardsChristmas Angel
Steve GregoryPost Christmas Blues
Wendy Daviesa wee dram
Tony Berridge Panorama Cup (Prints): judged by Geoff Roberts
Last Orders, Clive Chater

First: Last Orders, Clive Chater

Armistice Dawn, Steve Gregory

Second: Armistice Dawn, Steve Gregory

Pull, Simon Richards

Third: Pull, Simon Richards

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FirstClive ChaterLast Orders10
SecondSteve GregoryArmistice Dawn10
ThirdSimon RichardsPull10
HCClive ChaterUnder A Blood Red Sky10
HCKelvin PerryHigh Speed Pass
HCKelvin PerryCykler9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVElburg9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVSplash Silver Band9
Barry ClarkOne Hour of Life
Lynne HarlesMontgomery Canal
Wendy DaviesLlyn Syfaddon (Langorse...
Jed ThornleySnowy Iceland8
Wendy Daviesgood wood8
Ian BaileyPicket Line 1984 versio...
Lynne HarlesThe Big Snow
Tony ColeOn The Banks Of The Zam...7
Simon RichardsNautical Rope6
Ian BaileyPanameera 35
Themed Challenge 1 (PDIs) "Song Titles": judged by Gordon Brown
Purple Haze, Ian Bailey

Purple Haze, Ian Bailey

Have a Cigar, Clive Chater

Have a Cigar, Clive Chater

Telegraph Road, Steve Kirkby

Telegraph Road, Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AV

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FirstIan BaileyPurple Haze10
SecondClive ChaterHave a Cigar10
ThirdSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVTelegraph Road10
Kelvin PerryHear my train a comin
Simon RichardsIt's A Long Way To The ...
Simon RichardsSheep (Pink Floyd)
Steve GregoryThe Little Drummer Boy
Wendy DaviesPink Cadillac (Bruce Sp...
Barry ClarkMoon River9
Dave HedleyBridge of Sighs9
Kirst BarnettCockles & Mussels9
Lynne HarlesHeard it through the gr...9
Tony ColeHere Comes The Sun9
Jane NobesRoar
Jed ThornleyReflection
Tony ColeBorn To Be Wild
Andrew SorrellSilver Machine8
Becky Robinson9 to 58
Becky RobinsonThe Lion Sleeps Tonight8
Clive ChaterShe's Electric8
Ian BaileyLily the pink8
Kirst BarnettLet's go Fly a Kite8
Nicky DayWalk On The Wildside8
Olwen PartonMy Old Piano (Diana Ross)8
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVRocket Man8
Barry ClarkLight My Fire
Dave HedleySurfer Girl
Jane NobesFlowers in the Rain
Jed ThornleyPink Cadillac
Nicky DayPurple Rain
Phil Thomasu can't touch this
Sarah BroadheadDown on the beach
Sarah BroadheadWaterfall
Wendy DaviesFive To One (The Doors)
Andrew SorrellPretty Flamingo7
Becky BostromHere Comes The Knight7
Kelvin PerryLeaving on jet plane7
Linda HabberfieldFire7
Olwen PartonTen Green Bottles7
Phil Thomasclimbing up the walls7
Steve GregoryRevolution7
Lynne HarlesSinging in the rain
Linda HabberfieldFootprints in the Sand6
Results for 2017/18 Season
Themed Challenge 4 (Prints) "Age and Decay": judged by Tony Oliver ARPS CPAGB
English Seaside Towns, Mark Fly

English Seaside Towns,
Mark Fly

Seen better days, Barry Clark

Seen Better Days,
Barry Clark

Daffs Decaying Over Time, Tony Cole

Daffs Decaying Over Time,
Tony Cole

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FirstMark FlyEnglish Seaside Towns10
SecondBarry ClarkSeen better days10
ThirdTony ColeDaffs Decaying Over Time
Mark FlyThe ageing process9
Ian BaileyDesolation Row
Kelvin PerryLock Hasp & Noticeb...
Barry ClarkHollow post8
Ian BaileyMr Rusty McWeatherworn8
Michael BaconThe moving finger writes8
Simon RichardsMy Old Rotten Home8
Simon RichardsParasitised Decaying Bee8
Andrew SorrellBeach Hut with Mooring
Clive ChaterDerelict Pool
Clive ChaterIn a Derelict Barn
Jed ThornleySink
Wendy DaviesNext Door
Andrew SorrellThe Pits7
Jed ThornleyThe Abbey7
Kelvin PerryAncient pistons7
Michael BaconMoldering in a corner7
Wendy DaviesB&M7
Tony ColeDecaying Lost LoveDsq
Themed Challenge 3 (PDIs) "Get in Close": judged by Rob de Ruiter ARPS
Into The Groove, Clive Chater

Into The Groove, Clive Chater

The Umbrella Lovers, Mark Fly

The Umbrella Lovers,
Mark Fly

Pussy Willow, Barry Clark

Pussy Willow, Barry Clark

Soldier Beetles, Barry Clark

H ighly Commended:
Soldier Beetles,
Barry Clark

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FirstClive ChaterInto The Groove10
SecondMark FlyThe Umbrella lovers10
ThirdBarry ClarkPussy willow10
HCBarry ClarkSoldier beetles10
Jed ThornleyGet in close and snuggl...
Olwen PartonStep away from the cake...
Tony ColeMakeup Concentration
Ian BaileyWho would break a Butte...9
Kelvin PerryCommon Tiger9
Kelvin PerrySquirrel9
Mark FlyPucker up buttercup9
Steve Gregorychiuso9
Steve Gregorytempus fugit9
Wendy DaviesHowdy! My name is Woody9
David M Moore LRPSRain on Reeds
Ian BaileyThe Devils Daughters
Jed Thornleyah grasshopper
Simon RichardsA Show Of Strength In T...
Steve KirkbyCactus
Steve KirkbyGarlic
Tim KellyArab Falcon
Wendy DaviesAbomination Street
Graham DeweyLift and Cut8
Michael BaconFire crest8
Phil ThomasNumber One Getin Close ...8
Steve EmmersonFungi8
Tony ColeLook Into My Eyes8
David QuickHello Grandad
Graham DeweyGrate
Olwen PartonMy blue-eyed boy
Phil Thomassofa cat
Steve EmmersonClockwork
Clive ChaterStop And Stare7
Tim KellyRed Poppy7
Michael BaconMagnify
Simon RichardsUneven Terrain
Kay Stickland Portrait Competition (Prints): judged by Chris Hutchinson
Winter Walk, Phil Thomas

Winter Walk, Phil Thomas

Broken down Angel, Ian Bailey

Broken-down Angel,
Ian Bailey

Punching above her weight, Michael Bacon

Punching Above Her
Michael Bacon

Cuba granny, Jed Thornley

H ighly Commended:
Cuba Granny,
Jed Thornley

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FirstPhil Thomaswinter walk10
SecondIan BaileyBroken down Angel10
ThirdMichael BaconPunching above her weight10
HCJed ThornleyCuba granny10
Michael BaconWhat are you looking at
Tony ColeLady Of Gospel
Tony ColeLe Rogue
Barry ClarkSmile9
Steve KirkbyLady Biker9
Clive ChaterIndiana
Clive ChaterMonika
David M Moore LRPSNatural beauty
David QuickFran
Ian BaileyAsleep on the Job
Mark FlyAnywhere else but here
Mark FlyStreet Portrait
Phil Thomasone more cup of coffee
Simon RichardsWrapped Up For Winter
Steve KirkbyThe Candy Girls
Wendy DaviesFreya
Barry ClarkAlton Town Crier8
Becky RobinsonCody8
Becky RobinsonCody in the black dress8
David QuickCaroline8
Eric Bennett APAGBMyra8
Kelvin PerryBiker Babe8
Kelvin PerryChinese Junk man8
Wendy DaviesChilled8
David M Moore LRPSNice n Cosy
Simon RichardsAll Aboard!
Themed Challenge 2 (PDIs) "Film Titles": judged by Zaid Meherali
Trainspotting, Mark Fly

Trainspotting, Mark Fly

Watership Down, John Gilbert

Watership Down, John Gilbert

Frozen, Barry Clark

Third: Frozen,
Barry Clark

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FirstMark FlyTrainspotting10
SecondJohn GilbertWatership down10
ThirdBarry ClarkFrozen10
Michael BaconThe Woman in Red
Simon RichardsRope
Wendy DaviesThe Lion King
Clive ChaterGoblet of Fire9
David QuickIron Man9
Ian BaileyQuadrophenia9
Jed ThornleyKes9
Kelvin PerryJaws9
Mark FlyJaws9
Becky RobinsonThe Big Blue
Becky RobinsonWall Street
Graham DeweyFrozen
Ian BaileyBattleship Potemkin
Jed ThornleyThe Apocalypse
Michael BaconThe Body in the Library
Phil Thomasa clockwork orange
Wendy DaviesPostcards From The Edge
Andrew SorrellA View to a Kill8
Barry ClarkRocky8
David QuickThe Birds8
Graham DeweyThe Call of the Wild8
John GilbertOpocalypse now8
Kelvin PerryThe Mummy8
Phil Thomasfrozen8
Steve KirkbyThe Belles of St Trinians8
Tony ColeBambi8
Tony ColeLady Sings The Blues8
Andrew SorrellPatton
Clive ChaterBehind Bars
Olwen PartonSinging in the Rain
Olwen PartonThe Great Escape
Steve GregoryBrief Encounter
Steve KirkbyThe Godfather
Sue SnelsonKung Fu Panda
Sue SnelsonLand of the Giants
Simon RichardsWolves7
Steve GregoryWaterworld7
The bonus competition to guess the film titles was a tie between Ian Bailey and Kelvin Perry with 19 out of 40.
Tony Berridge Panorama Cup (Prints): Judged by Gordon Brown
Evolution XIV, Ian Bailey

Evolution XIV, Ian Bailey

Resting Boats, John Gilbert

Resting Boats, John Gilbert

Brooding Monster-Etna Summit, Steve Gregory

Brooding Monster-Etna Summit,
Steve Gregory

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FirstIan BaileyEvolution XIV10
SecondJohn GilbertResting boats10
ThirdSteve GregoryBrooding Monster-Etna S...9.5
Barry ClarkPumpkins galore9
Jed ThornleyGlaciers9
Jed ThornleyIceland9
Clive ChaterLagoon of Balos
Mark FlyHigh tide late afternoon
Wendy DaviesInverdoorn Game Reserve
John GilbertLocation location8
Simon RichardsBedroom View Of The Cor...8
Simon RichardsDevonshire View Of The ...8
Wendy DaviesView from Robben Island8
Clive ChaterRiver Wey from Milbridge
Mark FlyCrossing to St Pauls
Steve GregoryWeir on the River Arle7
Ian BaileyThe Darkness
Themed Challenge 1 (PDIs) "Silver and/or Grey": judged by Andrew Mills
Going Up, Clive Chater

Going Up, Clive Chater

Four Forks, Mark Fly

Four Forks, Mark Fly

Twilight Years, Sue Dewey

Twilight Years, Sue Dewey

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FirstClive ChaterGoing Up10
SecondMark FlyFour Forks10
ThirdSue DeweyTwilight Years10
Steve KirkbySilver Wraith
Barry ClarkFading impression9
David QuickHarley Twin Cam9
Graham DeweyPulling Together9
Ian BaileyFlorence is the Machine9
Ian BaileySgothan Geala9
Jed ThornleyWho says l've got a dir...9
Jed ThornleyYou looking at me9
Simon RichardsSilver Top9
Steve Gregorythe Old Engineer9
Tim KellyThe Grey Door9
Tony Cole50 Shades of.....Indulg...9
Tony ColeLady In Grey Going For 69
Wendy Daviesthey're Real!9
Barry ClarkKnapped flint wall
Becky RobinsonSilver skyscraper
Becky RobinsonSilverback
John GilbertBlades
Kelvin PerrySenior citizen
Mark FlySilvered Lake
Steve GregoryGrey Day with a Silver ...
Sue DeweyMagpie Mine
Tim KellyConcrete & Steel
Clive ChaterThe Sky Is The Limit8
David QuickNash Point Glamorgan8
Graham DeweyLondon Bridge8
John GilbertSilver Cobra8
Kelvin PerryRacing 88
Steve EmmersonCatch8
Steve Emmersonspin8
Steve KirkbyP-38 Lightning8
David GodfreyFireworks over Plymouth...
David GodfreyMirror image
Olwen PartonSilver radials
Simon RichardsChanging Course
Sue SnelsonBath time
Sue SnelsonThis is my good side
Wendy DaviesSouth Bank-sy