Club Competitions
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Here are some previous competition winners:

Storm, Ian Bailey

Storm, Ian Bailey

Sunset Silhouette, Tony Cole

Sunset Silhouette, Tony Cole

The dark figure, Jed Thornley

The Dark Figure, Jed Thornley

Reflection, Simon Richards

Highly commended:
Simon Richards

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FirstIan BaileyStorm10
SecondTony ColeSunset Silhouette10
ThirdJed ThornleyThe dark figure10
HCSimon RichardsReflection10
Barry ClarkSkunk Cabbage Flower
Clive ChaterStripy Tights
Simon RichardsTasting The Nectar
Barry ClarkHazel Catkins Pollen9
Clive ChaterSixteen9
Ian BaileyPainted9
Wendy DaviesYellow Pontiac9
Tony ColeGolden Reflection
Wendy DaviesWelsh Poppy
Jed ThornleyWhat's over there8
Arcs and Curves, Simon Richards

Arcs and Curves,
Simon Richards

I am not a number I am ..., Ian Bailey

I Am Not A Number I Am...,
Ian Bailey

Autumn Colours, Lynne Harles

Autumn Colours, Lynne Harles

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FirstSimon RichardsArcs and Curves10
SecondIan BaileyI am not a number I am ...10
ThirdLynne HarlesAutumn Colours10
Barry ClarkAmmonite10
Steve GregoryLava Bomb10
Linda HabberfieldPalette
Wendy DaviesFire and Ice
Clive ChaterStripy9
Linda HabberfieldOrpheus9
Shirley LowesSpring9
Steve GregoryDriftwood9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVAbstract Grid9
Andrew SorrellA Place to Reflect
Andrew SorrellWoodpecker
Ian BaileyI am what I am and that...
Jed ThornleyChameleons tail
Kelvin PerryThe Halo
Lynne HarlesElephant Trunk
Nicky DayAbstract2
Phil Thomascontext abstracted
Simon RichardsHaunted
Wendy GavinAbstraction
Wendy GavinWoodknot
Clive ChaterCurvatures8
Dave HedleyCoffee Handle8
Olwen PartonRadials8
Olwen PartonSwirling orb8
Phil Thomastohuwabohu8
Steve EmmersonAlmond Cake8
Wendy DaviesStairway to Heaven8
Barry ClarkSpring Woodland
Becky BostromOslo Opera
Dave HedleyBubbles
Jed ThornleyKiwi
Kelvin PerryThe Beach
Nicky DayAbstract1
Sarah BroadheadCeiling
Sarah BroadheadToo hot to handle
Tony ColeFace of Leaves
Becky BostromKew Lights7
Jane NobesMirror Mirror7
Larry LowesBuildings7
Larry LowesOld Rafters7
Shirley LowesTemporary Roof at The V...7
Steve EmmersonFruit Loops7
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVAbstract A7
Tony ColeDaydreaming Holidays7
Portrait Of A Soul Singer, Tony Cole

Portrait Of A Soul Singer,
Tony Cole

Happy boy in the bluebell woods, Jed Thornley

Happy Boy in the Bluebell Woods,
Jed Thornley

Portrait of Mr Martin Harley, Tony Cole

Portrait of Mr Martin Harley,
Tony Cole

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FirstTony ColePortrait Of A Soul Singer10
SecondJed ThornleyHappy boy in the bluebe...10
ThirdTony ColePortrait of Mr Martin H...10
HCKelvin PerryCome ride with me
HCDave HedleyJahmal Nichols9
Jed ThornleyOllie the Collie9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVGeorge9
Barry ClarkContemplation
Kelvin PerryRed Hot Chilli Peppers
Phil Thomashorse and rider
Phil Thomasportrait of a selfie
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVLady in Sunglasses
Wendy DaviesGirl on a Train
Wendy DaviesRunning out of Steam
Barry ClarkWill it Wobble8
Dave HedleyYohsuke on Sax8
Simon RichardsGetting Ready For The B...8
Clive ChaterBell Tobacco
Clive ChaterThe Girl With The Golde...
Ian BaileyBFG
Ian BaileyImagine7
Simon RichardsGhostly Goings On7
Waiting for Father Christmas, Phil Thomas

Waiting for Father Christmas,
Phil Thomas

Bauble, Barry Clark

Bauble, Barry Clark

Arrested Development, Linda Habberfield

Arrested Development,
Linda Habberfield

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FirstPhil ThomasWaiting for Father Chri...10
SecondBarry ClarkBauble10
ThirdLinda HabberfieldArrested Development10
Ben HollowayThe Last Present
Ian BaileyBaa Humbug
Ian BaileyWhos wine What wine Whe...
Kelvin PerryOn Christmas Eve
Steve GregoryWaiting for Santa
Ben HollowayChristmas Refraction9
Clive ChaterHippy Christmas9
Jed ThornleyDo I look like a deer9
Lynne HarlesUnder the Yew Tree9
Olwen PartonChristmas reflections9
Simon RichardsEasy Does It9
Tony ColeHello...My Christmas Ha...9
Tony ColeRoll On Boxing Day9
Barry ClarkAlways Read the Label F...
Clive ChaterRed Christmas
Kelvin PerryRinging home at Christmas
Nicky DayChristmas
Olwen PartonSantas for sale
Phil ThomasHarry's Nativity
Dave HedleyTree by the Pool8
Linda HabberfieldBaub£es8
Lynne HarlesAn Angel passing by8
Steve EmmersonWinchester market8
Steve EmmersonXmas ice rink8
Wendy DaviesOrigami Ornament8
Dave HedleyBaubles
Simon RichardsChristmas Angel
Steve GregoryPost Christmas Blues
Wendy Daviesa wee dram
Last Orders, Clive Chater

First: Last Orders, Clive Chater

Armistice Dawn, Steve Gregory

Second: Armistice Dawn, Steve Gregory

Pull, Simon Richards

Third: Pull, Simon Richards

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FirstClive ChaterLast Orders10
SecondSteve GregoryArmistice Dawn10
ThirdSimon RichardsPull10
HCClive ChaterUnder A Blood Red Sky10
HCKelvin PerryHigh Speed Pass
HCKelvin PerryCykler9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVElburg9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVSplash Silver Band9
Barry ClarkOne Hour of Life
Lynne HarlesMontgomery Canal
Wendy DaviesLlyn Syfaddon (Langorse...
Jed ThornleySnowy Iceland8
Wendy Daviesgood wood8
Ian BaileyPicket Line 1984 versio...
Lynne HarlesThe Big Snow
Tony ColeOn The Banks Of The Zam...7
Simon RichardsNautical Rope6
Ian BaileyPanameera 35
Purple Haze, Ian Bailey

Purple Haze, Ian Bailey

Have a Cigar, Clive Chater

Have a Cigar, Clive Chater

Telegraph Road, Steve Kirkby

Telegraph Road, Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AV

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FirstIan BaileyPurple Haze10
SecondClive ChaterHave a Cigar10
ThirdSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVTelegraph Road10
Kelvin PerryHear my train a comin
Simon RichardsIt's A Long Way To The ...
Simon RichardsSheep (Pink Floyd)
Steve GregoryThe Little Drummer Boy
Wendy DaviesPink Cadillac (Bruce Sp...
Barry ClarkMoon River9
Dave HedleyBridge of Sighs9
Kirst BarnettCockles & Mussels9
Lynne HarlesHeard it through the gr...9
Tony ColeHere Comes The Sun9
Jane NobesRoar
Jed ThornleyReflection
Tony ColeBorn To Be Wild
Andrew SorrellSilver Machine8
Becky Robinson9 to 58
Becky RobinsonThe Lion Sleeps Tonight8
Clive ChaterShe's Electric8
Ian BaileyLily the pink8
Kirst BarnettLet's go Fly a Kite8
Nicky DayWalk On The Wildside8
Olwen PartonMy Old Piano (Diana Ross)8
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVRocket Man8
Barry ClarkLight My Fire
Dave HedleySurfer Girl
Jane NobesFlowers in the Rain
Jed ThornleyPink Cadillac
Nicky DayPurple Rain
Phil Thomasu can't touch this
Sarah BroadheadDown on the beach
Sarah BroadheadWaterfall
Wendy DaviesFive To One (The Doors)
Andrew SorrellPretty Flamingo7
Becky BostromHere Comes The Knight7
Kelvin PerryLeaving on jet plane7
Linda HabberfieldFire7
Olwen PartonTen Green Bottles7
Phil Thomasclimbing up the walls7
Steve GregoryRevolution7
Lynne HarlesSinging in the rain
Linda HabberfieldFootprints in the Sand6