Safari 2018
  1. Spots
  2. Landscape
  3. Animal
  4. Agricultural
  5. Anything
Avenue Nurseries:
  1. Garden Furniture
  2. Artificial
  3. Natural
North Waltham:
  1. Thatch
  2. Abstract
  1. River Test
  2. Public House
  3. Flint & Brick
  4. Floral
  5. Triangular
  6. Food
Popham Airfield:
  1. Aviation
  2. Grass
  3. People
  1. The Hall
Safari 2018 was on Sunday 13th May
Avenue Nurseries: 1 £20, 2 Terrapin, 3 Araucaria araucana
North Waltham: 4 St Michael's Close, 5 Pillar box
Overton: 6 Domino's, 7 Tpr GN Hide & PO KJ Hide, 8 82 miles, 9 Fire Stn, 10 St Luke's Hall, 11 Bombay, 12 Pickwicks, 13 32
Popham Airfield: 14 T, 15 Pilot's Briefing Rm, 16 8.33Khz/129.805 Holybourne Village Hall: 17 Onyx
Submission instructions
Photographs must be all your own work and be taken between 10am and 4pm BST on the day of the Safari. HDRs, stitched panoramas and multiple exposures are not permitted, even if done in camera. This is not a PhotoShopping competition but your favourite editing tools can be used to remove dust or hair marks, crop, level the horizon, colour correct or reduce to monochrome, adjust contrast, brightness and sharpening over the whole image only. Cloning, stitching, dodging, burning, filtering on the whole or part of the image are not permitted. Ordinary photographs will do just nicely, thank you. Images are marked out of 10 and the scores totalled; the highest total wins the shield with trophies for best image and questions. The organiser/judge's decision is final.
Images must be submitted to the organiser on a clearly identified CD, USB stick or download link by Wednesday 17th October 2018.
Standard PDIs preferred: 1600x1200 pixels, sRGB, JPEG. Filenames: 01_MyName.jpg, etc. EXIF information containing the date and time taken must be retained and included in the images. Results and slideshow will probably be on Wednesday 19th December. Your family and friends are invited to come along and enjoy the fruits of everyone's efforts.