Individual Competitions
Various one-off themed competitions are judged through the season. Previous seasons' trophy winners
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Results for 2018/19 Season
Themed Challenge 2 (PDIs) "Christmas": judged by Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB
Waiting for Father Christmas, Phil Thomas

First: Waiting for Father Christmas,
Phil Thomas

Bauble, Barry Clark

Second: Bauble, Barry Clark

Arrested Development, Linda Habberfield

Third: Arrested Development,
Linda Habberfield

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FirstPhil ThomasWaiting for Father Chri...10
SecondBarry ClarkBauble10
ThirdLinda HabberfieldArrested Development10
Ben HollowayThe Last Present
Ian BaileyBaa Humbug
Ian BaileyWhos wine What wine Whe...
Kelvin PerryOn Christmas Eve
Steve GregoryWaiting for Santa
Ben HollowayChristmas Refraction9
Clive ChaterHippy Christmas9
Jed ThornleyDo I look like a deer9
Lynne HarlesUnder the Yew Tree9
Olwen PartonChristmas reflections9
Simon RichardsEasy Does It9
Tony ColeHello...My Christmas Ha...9
Tony ColeRoll On Boxing Day9
Barry ClarkAlways Read the Label F...
Clive ChaterRed Christmas
Kelvin PerryRinging home at Christmas
Nicky DayChristmas
Olwen PartonSantas for sale
Phil ThomasHarry's Nativity
Dave HedleyTree by the Pool8
Linda HabberfieldBaub£es8
Lynne HarlesAn Angel passing by8
Steve EmmersonWinchester market8
Steve EmmersonXmas ice rink8
Wendy DaviesOrigami Ornament8
Dave HedleyBaubles
Simon RichardsChristmas Angel
Steve GregoryPost Christmas Blues
Wendy Daviesa wee dram
Tony Berridge Panorama Cup (Prints): judged by Geoff Roberts
Last Orders, Clive Chater

First: Last Orders, Clive Chater

Armistice Dawn, Steve Gregory

Second: Armistice Dawn, Steve Gregory

Pull, Simon Richards

Third: Pull, Simon Richards

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FirstClive ChaterLast Orders10
SecondSteve GregoryArmistice Dawn10
ThirdSimon RichardsPull10
HCClive ChaterUnder A Blood Red Sky10
HCKelvin PerryHigh Speed Pass
HCKelvin PerryCykler9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVElburg9
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVSplash Silver Band9
Barry ClarkOne Hour of Life
Lynne HarlesMontgomery Canal
Wendy DaviesLlyn Syfaddon (Langorse...
Jed ThornleySnowy Iceland8
Wendy Daviesgood wood8
Ian BaileyPicket Line 1984 versio...
Lynne HarlesThe Big Snow
Tony ColeOn The Banks Of The Zam...7
Simon RichardsNautical Rope6
Ian BaileyPanameera 35
Themed Challenge 1 (PDIs) "Song Titles": judged by Gordon Brown
Purple Haze, Ian Bailey

Purple Haze, Ian Bailey

Have a Cigar, Clive Chater

Have a Cigar, Clive Chater

Telegraph Road, Steve Kirkby

Telegraph Road, Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AV

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FirstIan BaileyPurple Haze10
SecondClive ChaterHave a Cigar10
ThirdSteve Kirkby CPAGB/AVTelegraph Road10
Kelvin PerryHear my train a comin
Simon RichardsIt's A Long Way To The ...
Simon RichardsSheep (Pink Floyd)
Steve GregoryThe Little Drummer Boy
Wendy DaviesPink Cadillac (Bruce Sp...
Barry ClarkMoon River9
Dave HedleyBridge of Sighs9
Kirst BarnettCockles & Mussels9
Lynne HarlesHeard it through the gr...9
Tony ColeHere Comes The Sun9
Jane NobesRoar
Jed ThornleyReflection
Tony ColeBorn To Be Wild
Andrew SorrellSilver Machine8
Becky Robinson9 to 58
Becky RobinsonThe Lion Sleeps Tonight8
Clive ChaterShe's Electric8
Ian BaileyLily the pink8
Kirst BarnettLet's go Fly a Kite8
Nicky DayWalk On The Wildside8
Olwen PartonMy Old Piano (Diana Ross)8
Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AVRocket Man8
Barry ClarkLight My Fire
Dave HedleySurfer Girl
Jane NobesFlowers in the Rain
Jed ThornleyPink Cadillac
Nicky DayPurple Rain
Phil Thomasu can't touch this
Sarah BroadheadDown on the beach
Sarah BroadheadWaterfall
Wendy DaviesFive To One (The Doors)
Andrew SorrellPretty Flamingo7
Becky BostromHere Comes The Knight7
Kelvin PerryLeaving on jet plane7
Linda HabberfieldFire7
Olwen PartonTen Green Bottles7
Phil Thomasclimbing up the walls7
Steve GregoryRevolution7
Lynne HarlesSinging in the rain
Linda HabberfieldFootprints in the Sand6
Results for 2017/18 Season
Themed Challenge 4 (Prints) "Age and Decay": judged by Tony Oliver ARPS CPAGB
English Seaside Towns, Mark Fly

First: English Seaside Towns, Mark Fly

Seen better days, Barry Clark

Second: Seen better days, Barry Clark

Daffs Decaying Over Time, Tony Cole

Daffs Decaying Over Time,
Tony Cole

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FirstMark FlyEnglish Seaside Towns10
SecondBarry ClarkSeen better days10
ThirdTony ColeDaffs Decaying Over Time
Mark FlyThe ageing process9
Ian BaileyDesolation Row
Kelvin PerryLock Hasp & Noticeb...
Barry ClarkHollow post8
Ian BaileyMr Rusty McWeatherworn8
Michael BaconThe moving finger writes8
Simon RichardsMy Old Rotten Home8
Simon RichardsParasitised Decaying Bee8
Andrew SorrellBeach Hut with Mooring
Clive ChaterDerelict Pool
Clive ChaterIn a Derelict Barn
Jed ThornleySink
Wendy DaviesNext Door
Andrew SorrellThe Pits7
Jed ThornleyThe Abbey7
Kelvin PerryAncient pistons7
Michael BaconMoldering in a corner7
Wendy DaviesB&M7
Tony ColeDecaying Lost LoveDsq
Themed Challenge 3 (PDIs) "Get in Close": judged by Rob de Ruiter ARPS
Into The Groove, Clive Chater

First: Into The Groove, Clive Chater

The Umbrella Lovers, Mark Fly

Second: The Umbrella Lovers,
Mark Fly

Pussy Willow, Barry Clark

Third: Pussy Willow, Barry Clark

Soldier Beetles, Barry Clark

HC: Soldier Beetles,
Barry Clark

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FirstClive ChaterInto The Groove10
SecondMark FlyThe Umbrella lovers10
ThirdBarry ClarkPussy willow10
HCBarry ClarkSoldier beetles10
Jed ThornleyGet in close and snuggl...
Olwen PartonStep away from the cake...
Tony ColeMakeup Concentration
Ian BaileyWho would break a Butte...9
Kelvin PerryCommon Tiger9
Kelvin PerrySquirrel9
Mark FlyPucker up buttercup9
Steve Gregorychiuso9
Steve Gregorytempus fugit9
Wendy DaviesHowdy! My name is Woody9
David M Moore LRPSRain on Reeds
Ian BaileyThe Devils Daughters
Jed Thornleyah grasshopper
Simon RichardsA Show Of Strength In T...
Steve KirkbyCactus
Steve KirkbyGarlic
Tim KellyArab Falcon
Wendy DaviesAbomination Street
Graham DeweyLift and Cut8
Michael BaconFire crest8
Phil ThomasNumber One Getin Close ...8
Steve EmmersonFungi8
Tony ColeLook Into My Eyes8
David QuickHello Grandad
Graham DeweyGrate
Olwen PartonMy blue-eyed boy
Phil Thomassofa cat
Steve EmmersonClockwork
Clive ChaterStop And Stare7
Tim KellyRed Poppy7
Michael BaconMagnify
Simon RichardsUneven Terrain
Kay Stickland Portrait Competition (Prints): judged by Chris Hutchinson
Winter Walk, Phil Thomas

First: Winter Walk, Phil Thomas

Broken down Angel, Ian Bailey

Broken down Angel, Ian Bailey

Punching above her weight, Michael Bacon

Third: Punching
above her weight,
Michael Bacon

Cuba granny, Jed Thornley

HC: Cuba granny, Jed Thornley

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FirstPhil Thomaswinter walk10
SecondIan BaileyBroken down Angel10
ThirdMichael BaconPunching above her weight10
HCJed ThornleyCuba granny10
Michael BaconWhat are you looking at
Tony ColeLady Of Gospel
Tony ColeLe Rogue
Barry ClarkSmile9
Steve KirkbyLady Biker9
Clive ChaterIndiana
Clive ChaterMonika
David M Moore LRPSNatural beauty
David QuickFran
Ian BaileyAsleep on the Job
Mark FlyAnywhere else but here
Mark FlyStreet Portrait
Phil Thomasone more cup of coffee
Simon RichardsWrapped Up For Winter
Steve KirkbyThe Candy Girls
Wendy DaviesFreya
Barry ClarkAlton Town Crier8
Becky RobinsonCody8
Becky RobinsonCody in the black dress8
David QuickCaroline8
Eric Bennett APAGBMyra8
Kelvin PerryBiker Babe8
Kelvin PerryChinese Junk man8
Wendy DaviesChilled8
David M Moore LRPSNice n Cosy
Simon RichardsAll Aboard!
Themed Challenge 2 (PDIs) "Film Titles": judged by Zaid Meherali
Trainspotting, Mark Fly

First: Trainspotting, Mark Fly

Watership Down, John Gilbert

Second: Watership Down, John Gilbert

Frozen, Barry Clark

Third: Frozen, Barry Clark

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FirstMark FlyTrainspotting10
SecondJohn GilbertWatership down10
ThirdBarry ClarkFrozen10
Michael BaconThe Woman in Red
Simon RichardsRope
Wendy DaviesThe Lion King
Clive ChaterGoblet of Fire9
David QuickIron Man9
Ian BaileyQuadrophenia9
Jed ThornleyKes9
Kelvin PerryJaws9
Mark FlyJaws9
Becky RobinsonThe Big Blue
Becky RobinsonWall Street
Graham DeweyFrozen
Ian BaileyBattleship Potemkin
Jed ThornleyThe Apocalypse
Michael BaconThe Body in the Library
Phil Thomasa clockwork orange
Wendy DaviesPostcards From The Edge
Andrew SorrellA View to a Kill8
Barry ClarkRocky8
David QuickThe Birds8
Graham DeweyThe Call of the Wild8
John GilbertOpocalypse now8
Kelvin PerryThe Mummy8
Phil Thomasfrozen8
Steve KirkbyThe Belles of St Trinians8
Tony ColeBambi8
Tony ColeLady Sings The Blues8
Andrew SorrellPatton
Clive ChaterBehind Bars
Olwen PartonSinging in the Rain
Olwen PartonThe Great Escape
Steve GregoryBrief Encounter
Steve KirkbyThe Godfather
Sue SnelsonKung Fu Panda
Sue SnelsonLand of the Giants
Simon RichardsWolves7
Steve GregoryWaterworld7
The bonus competition to guess the film titles was a tie between Ian Bailey and Kelvin Perry with 19 out of 40.
Tony Berridge Panorama Cup (Prints): Judged by Gordon Brown
Evolution XIV, Ian Bailey

First: Evolution XIV, Ian Bailey

Resting Boats, John Gilbert

Second: Resting Boats, John Gilbert

Brooding Monster-Etna Summit, Steve Gregory

Third: Brooding Monster-Etna Summit, Steve Gregory

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FirstIan BaileyEvolution XIV10
SecondJohn GilbertResting boats10
ThirdSteve GregoryBrooding Monster-Etna S...
Barry ClarkPumpkins galore9
Jed ThornleyGlaciers9
Jed ThornleyIceland9
Clive ChaterLagoon of Balos
Mark FlyHigh tide late afternoon
Wendy DaviesInverdoorn Game Reserve
John GilbertLocation location8
Simon RichardsBedroom View Of The Cor...8
Simon RichardsDevonshire View Of The ...8
Wendy DaviesView from Robben Island8
Clive ChaterRiver Wey from Milbridge
Mark FlyCrossing to St Pauls
Steve GregoryWeir on the River Arle7
Ian BaileyThe Darkness
Themed Challenge 1 (PDIs) "Silver and/or Grey": judged by Andrew Mills
Going Up, Clive Chater

First: Going Up, Clive Chater

Four Forks, Mark Fly

Second: Four Forks, Mark Fly

Twilight Years, Sue Dewey

Third: Twilight Years, Sue Dewey

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FirstClive ChaterGoing Up10
SecondMark FlyFour Forks10
ThirdSue DeweyTwilight Years10
Steve KirkbySilver Wraith
Barry ClarkFading impression9
David QuickHarley Twin Cam9
Graham DeweyPulling Together9
Ian BaileyFlorence is the Machine9
Ian BaileySgothan Geala9
Jed ThornleyWho says l've got a dir...9
Jed ThornleyYou looking at me9
Simon RichardsSilver Top9
Steve Gregorythe Old Engineer9
Tim KellyThe Grey Door9
Tony Cole50 Shades of.....Indulg...9
Tony ColeLady In Grey Going For 69
Wendy Daviesthey're Real!9
Barry ClarkKnapped flint wall
Becky RobinsonSilver skyscraper
Becky RobinsonSilverback
John GilbertBlades
Kelvin PerrySenior citizen
Mark FlySilvered Lake
Steve GregoryGrey Day with a Silver ...
Sue DeweyMagpie Mine
Tim KellyConcrete & Steel
Clive ChaterThe Sky Is The Limit8
David QuickNash Point Glamorgan8
Graham DeweyLondon Bridge8
John GilbertSilver Cobra8
Kelvin PerryRacing 88
Steve EmmersonCatch8
Steve Emmersonspin8
Steve KirkbyP-38 Lightning8
David GodfreyFireworks over Plymouth...
David GodfreyMirror image
Olwen PartonSilver radials
Simon RichardsChanging Course
Sue SnelsonBath time
Sue SnelsonThis is my good side
Wendy DaviesSouth Bank-sy
Results for 2016/17 Season
Kay Stickland Portraits (Prints): judged by Matthew White
 8 Yrs old and..., Mark Fly

First: 8 Yrs old and..., Mark Fly

He's got his finger on..., Mark Fly

Second: He's got his finger on...,
Mark Fly

Mick Wickens, Gareth Davies

Third: Mick Wickens, Gareth Davies

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FirstMark Fly8 Yrs old and sucking l...10
SecondMark FlyHe's got his finger on ...10
ThirdGareth DaviesMick Wickens
Clive ChaterPortia
Phil ThomasRe-enactment at Corfe C...
Phil ThomasThe wink9
Clive ChaterSinister
Gareth DaviesThe busker
Barry ClarkOld Soldier8
Barry ClarkPeregrine8
Jed ThornleyAmelia Earhart8
Jed ThornleyCaptain Tash8
Ian BaileyCome fly with me
Ian BaileyRuby in disguise with g...
Kelvin PerryBlonde Beauty
Kelvin PerryHayley
David M Moore LRPSCalendar girl salutes o...7
David M Moore LRPSThat was a hard game7
Children In View (PDIs): judged by Jay Charnock FRPS
Nothing else matters but this, Mark Fly

First: Nothing else matters
but this, Mark Fly

The moment before impact, Phil Thomas

Second: The moment before impact,
Phil Thomas

Plaza Vieja, Havana, Mark Turner

Third: Plaza Vieja, Havana, Mark Turner

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FirstMark FlyNothing else matters bu...10
SecondPhil ThomasThe moment before impact10
ThirdMark TurnerPlaza Vieja, Havana10
Clive ChaterI See You10
Kelvin PerryDeprived10
Steve Gregorywatching the world go by10
Brenda GriffinBreak Time
Ian BaileyRuby in disguise with g...
Mark FlySchool trip to London
David M Moore LRPSAnticipation9
Jed ThornleyThe cat amongst the pig...9
Kelvin PerryAnd....9
Mark TurnerTom Dick & Harry9
Steve GregoryMischief9
Tony ColeAutumn Memory Opportunity9
Wendy GavinGemma9
Barry ClarkLittle Monkeys
Clive ChaterPoo Emoji
Ian BaileyMadeline and Mike
Wendy GavinHappiness
Barry ClarkFrozen8
Brian HubbardDon't fall in Mum!8
Brian HubbardFirst Communuion in Sev...8
Jed ThornleyDaydream8
Phil Thomaswater slide8
Roy DaisleyKeira8
Brenda GriffinPlaying Ice Hockey
David M Moore LRPSCadet seen saluting the...
Tony ColeBabies Staying Close
Print Challenge "Natural Patterns": judged by Roy Lambeth APAGB DPAGB AFIAP BPE2*
Double Take, Jed Thornley

First: Double Take, Jed Thornley

Natural Chromatics, Mark Fly

Second: Natural Chromatics,
Mark Fly

Arboreus Sylph..., Ian Bailey

Arboreus Sylph...,
Ian Bailey

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FirstJed ThornleyDouble Take10
SecondMark FlyNatural Chromatics10
ThirdIan BaileyArboreus Sylph the Watc...
Kelvin PerryRhossili waves
Margaret DaisleyDandelion clock pattern
Barry ClarkGolden Reeds9
Brenda GriffinFinn McCool's Stepping ...9
John GlibertDesert shadows9
Barry ClarkWild Carrot
Clive ChaterKiwi
Mark FlyZebra
Clive ChaterSparkling Lemon8
Ian BaileyAmmonite8
John GlibertDry stone walls8
Kelvin PerryWasp nest8
Roy DaisleySea shell patterns 28
Simon RichardsPoppy Centre8
Gareth DaviesSea of Steel
Jed ThornleySnail Shell
Simon RichardsFullers Teasel
Tony ColeNatural Portly Stance P...
Tony ColeThree In A Row....Almost
Brenda GriffinLow Tide7
Gareth DaviesVerdance7
Margaret DaisleyRose Spirals7
Roy DaisleySunshine and shadows7
PDI Challenge Cup "Unusual Perspective": judged by Peter Walmsley ARPS
Come Out to Play Little Mouse, Tony Cole

First: Come Out to Play Little Mouse, Tony Cole

Into the Light, Clive Chater

Second: Into the Light, Clive Chater

The Mural, Gareth Davies

Third: The Mural, Gareth Davies

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FirstTony ColeCome Out To Play Little...10
SecondClive ChaterInto The Light10
ThirdGareth DaviesThe mural
Barry ClarkAround the Lion
Gareth DaviesConfused
Graham DeweyStamford Junction
Mark FlyPicadilly Reflections
Steve GregoryCaptive Audience9
Tony ColeNot Another Load9
Barry ClarkBottoms Up
Graham DeweyLondon Lifts
Harold RussellEmpty wine bottle
Harold RussellHmmm I wonder which w...
Jed ThornleyFollow The Light
John GlibertHanging on
Mark FlySteamy windscreen
Steve GregoryFont Reflection
Sue DeweyLifes ups and Downs
Dave HedleyFish Tail8
John GlibertSequioa trees8
Kelvin PerryMy little friend8
Phil Thomaslegs up legs down8
Phil Thomaslooking up8
Simon RichardsRusty Supports8
Brian HubbardBridge Over Untroubled ...
Clive ChaterThe Cheese-grater The G...
Dave HedleyA View of Power
David M Moore LRPSSeaside Cafe
Jed ThornleyI Spy Fishing
Brian DunhamMandolin Cases7
Brian HubbardPoint of View7
Ian BaileyFrom the eye7
Sarah BroadheadPorthole Building7
David M Moore LRPSStadium Lights Come On
Ian BaileyLou see in the sky
Sarah BroadheadSteps
Sue DeweyIt's a Mystery
Simon RichardsYachting Through The Sl...6
Tony Berridge Panorama Cup (Print): judged by Peter Orr LRPS
Charles V Palace, Alhambra, Mark Turner

First: Charles V Palace, Alhambra, Mark Turner

Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Mark Turner

Second: Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Mark Turner

Harvest Sunset, Jed Thornley

Third: Harvest Sunset, Jed Thornley

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FirstMark TurnerCharles V Palace, Alhambra10
SecondMark TurnerPuente Nuevo, Ronda10
ThirdJed ThornleyHarvest Sunset10
Barry ClarkAutumn morning10
Ian BaileyFerry across the Mersey
Ian BaileyThe Gallery
Jed ThornleySunset over the wildflo...
Simon RichardsOld Harry Stands Proud
Clive ChaterAlight Here For Rådhuset9
Clive ChaterInto The Light9
Barry ClarkThe Lookout at Gara Rock
John GilbertOn the lookout
Mark FlyAbout to get wet
John GilbertIn the light8
Mark FlyGreatham Woods8
David M Moore LRPSAutumn Light Over The H...
Simon RichardsKite Horizon7
Daisy Parratt Homes and Gardens Cup (PDI): judged by Jon Mitchell
Autumn Berries, Kelvin Perry

First: Autumn Berries, Kelvin Perry

I See You, Clive Chater

Second: I See You, Clive Chater

Bath Time, John Gilbert

Third: Bath Time, John Gilbert

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FirstKelvin PerryAutumn berries10
SecondClive ChaterI See You10
ThirdJohn GilbertBath time10
Mark FlyThe first thing I've pl...
Phil Thomaskitchen window
Simon RichardsWeeds Airport
Tony ColeBreakfast In The Garden
Brenda GriffinMaking Sugar Flowers9
Graham DeweyA Figure in the flames9
Jed ThornleyFungi9
John GilbertAutumn fall9
Kelvin PerryGardeners friend9
Mark FlyThrough the grape vines9
Steve GregoryLate for Work9
Brenda GriffinIs that dinner!
Ian BaileyNarrowboat garden
Jed ThornleyThe Gnomes Garden
Margaret DaisleyThe Staff of Life
Roy DaisleyFailed filament
Sarah BroadheadGreek House and Courtya...
Steve GregoryLearning to Crochet
Barry ClarkTemptation8
Clive ChaterMake Over8
David M Moore LRPSMelissa8
Phil Thomasyou're not my friend8
Steve KirkbyCountry Cottage8
Tony ColeThis Time With More Fee...8
Wendy Gavincamaflage8
Barry ClarkDog house
Ian BaileyHome in the Garden
Roy DaisleyBath time
Simon RichardsHanging Around For Chri...
Steve KirkbyHome and Garden
Margaret DaisleyFlowers from the garden7
Sarah BroadheadMy House by the River7
Wendy Gavinhedgehog7