Individual Competitions
Various one-off themed competitions are judged through the season. Previous seasons' trophy winners
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Competitions for 2018/19 Season
PDI Competition "Song Titles": judge - Kelly-Louise Jennings
PDI: League Round 1: judge - TBC
Print: League Round 1 and Kay Stickland Portrait Competition: judge - TBC
PDI: League Round 2 and Challenge 1: judge - TBC
SCPF League Division 4 (Prints): judge - Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB HonAPAGB
Print: League Round 2 & Challenge 1: judge - TBC
PDI: League Round 3 & Challenge 2: judge - TBC
Print: League Round 3 & Tony Berridge Panorama Cup: judge - TBC
PDI: League Round 4 & Challenge 3: judge - TBC
SCPF League Division 5 (PDIs): judge - Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB
Print: League Round 4 & Challenge 2: judge - TBC
Meadows Audio-Visual Competition: judge - TBC
PDI: His & Hers: judge - TBC
Results for 2017/18 Season
Themed Challenge 4 (Prints) "Age and Decay": judged by Tony Oliver ARPS CPAGB
English Seaside Towns, Mark Fly

English Seaside Towns,
Mark Fly

Seen better days, Barry Clark

Seen Better Days,
Barry Clark

Daffs Decaying Over Time, Tony Cole

Daffs Decaying Over Time,
Tony Cole

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FirstMark FlyEnglish Seaside Towns10
SecondBarry ClarkSeen better days10
ThirdTony ColeDaffs Decaying Over Time
Mark FlyThe ageing process9
Ian BaileyDesolation Row
Kelvin PerryLock Hasp & Noticeb...
Barry ClarkHollow post8
Ian BaileyMr Rusty McWeatherworn8
Michael BaconThe moving finger writes8
Simon RichardsMy Old Rotten Home8
Simon RichardsParasitised Decaying Bee8
Andrew SorrellBeach Hut with Mooring
Clive ChaterDerelict Pool
Clive ChaterIn a Derelict Barn
Jed ThornleySink
Wendy DaviesNext Door
Andrew SorrellThe Pits7
Jed ThornleyThe Abbey7
Kelvin PerryAncient pistons7
Michael BaconMoldering in a corner7
Wendy DaviesB&M7
Tony ColeDecaying Lost LoveDsq
Themed Challenge 3 (PDIs) "Get in Close": judged by Rob de Ruiter ARPS
Into The Groove, Clive Chater

Into The Groove, Clive Chater

The Umbrella Lovers, Mark Fly

The Umbrella Lovers,
Mark Fly

Pussy Willow, Barry Clark

Pussy Willow, Barry Clark

Soldier Beetles, Barry Clark

Highly Commended:
Soldier Beetles,
Barry Clark

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FirstClive ChaterInto The Groove10
SecondMark FlyThe Umbrella lovers10
ThirdBarry ClarkPussy willow10
HCBarry ClarkSoldier beetles10
Jed ThornleyGet in close and snuggl...
Olwen PartonStep away from the cake...
Tony ColeMakeup Concentration
Ian BaileyWho would break a Butte...9
Kelvin PerryCommon Tiger9
Kelvin PerrySquirrel9
Mark FlyPucker up buttercup9
Steve Gregorychiuso9
Steve Gregorytempus fugit9
Wendy DaviesHowdy! My name is Woody9
David M Moore LRPSRain on Reeds
Ian BaileyThe Devils Daughters
Jed Thornleyah grasshopper
Simon RichardsA Show Of Strength In T...
Steve KirkbyCactus
Steve KirkbyGarlic
Tim KellyArab Falcon
Wendy DaviesAbomination Street
Graham DeweyLift and Cut8
Michael BaconFire crest8
Phil ThomasNumber One Getin Close ...8
Steve EmmersonFungi8
Tony ColeLook Into My Eyes8
David QuickHello Grandad
Graham DeweyGrate
Olwen PartonMy blue-eyed boy
Phil Thomassofa cat
Steve EmmersonClockwork
Clive ChaterStop And Stare7
Tim KellyRed Poppy7
Michael BaconMagnify
Simon RichardsUneven Terrain
Kay Stickland Portrait Competition (Prints): judged by Chris Hutchinson
Winter Walk, Phil Thomas

Winter Walk, Phil Thomas

Broken down Angel, Ian Bailey

Broken-down Angel,
Ian Bailey

Punching above her weight, Michael Bacon

Punching Above Her
Michael Bacon

Cuba granny, Jed Thornley

Highly Commended:
Cuba Granny,
Jed Thornley

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FirstPhil Thomaswinter walk10
SecondIan BaileyBroken down Angel10
ThirdMichael BaconPunching above her weight10
HCJed ThornleyCuba granny10
Michael BaconWhat are you looking at
Tony ColeLady Of Gospel
Tony ColeLe Rogue
Barry ClarkSmile9
Steve KirkbyLady Biker9
Clive ChaterIndiana
Clive ChaterMonika
David M Moore LRPSNatural beauty
David QuickFran
Ian BaileyAsleep on the Job
Mark FlyAnywhere else but here
Mark FlyStreet Portrait
Phil Thomasone more cup of coffee
Simon RichardsWrapped Up For Winter
Steve KirkbyThe Candy Girls
Wendy DaviesFreya
Barry ClarkAlton Town Crier8
Becky RobinsonCody8
Becky RobinsonCody in the black dress8
David QuickCaroline8
Eric Bennett APAGBMyra8
Kelvin PerryBiker Babe8
Kelvin PerryChinese Junk man8
Wendy DaviesChilled8
David M Moore LRPSNice n Cosy
Simon RichardsAll Aboard!
Themed Challenge 2 (PDIs) "Film Titles": judged by Zaid Meherali
Trainspotting, Mark Fly

Trainspotting, Mark Fly

Watership Down, John Gilbert

Watership Down, John Gilbert

Frozen, Barry Clark

Third: Frozen,
Barry Clark

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FirstMark FlyTrainspotting10
SecondJohn GilbertWatership down10
ThirdBarry ClarkFrozen10
Michael BaconThe Woman in Red
Simon RichardsRope
Wendy DaviesThe Lion King
Clive ChaterGoblet of Fire9
David QuickIron Man9
Ian BaileyQuadrophenia9
Jed ThornleyKes9
Kelvin PerryJaws9
Mark FlyJaws9
Becky RobinsonThe Big Blue
Becky RobinsonWall Street
Graham DeweyFrozen
Ian BaileyBattleship Potemkin
Jed ThornleyThe Apocalypse
Michael BaconThe Body in the Library
Phil Thomasa clockwork orange
Wendy DaviesPostcards From The Edge
Andrew SorrellA View to a Kill8
Barry ClarkRocky8
David QuickThe Birds8
Graham DeweyThe Call of the Wild8
John GilbertOpocalypse now8
Kelvin PerryThe Mummy8
Phil Thomasfrozen8
Steve KirkbyThe Belles of St Trinians8
Tony ColeBambi8
Tony ColeLady Sings The Blues8
Andrew SorrellPatton
Clive ChaterBehind Bars
Olwen PartonSinging in the Rain
Olwen PartonThe Great Escape
Steve GregoryBrief Encounter
Steve KirkbyThe Godfather
Sue SnelsonKung Fu Panda
Sue SnelsonLand of the Giants
Simon RichardsWolves7
Steve GregoryWaterworld7
The bonus competition to guess the film titles was a tie between Ian Bailey and Kelvin Perry with 19 out of 40.
Tony Berridge Panorama Cup (Prints): Judged by Gordon Brown
Evolution XIV, Ian Bailey

Evolution XIV, Ian Bailey

Resting Boats, John Gilbert

Resting Boats, John Gilbert

Brooding Monster-Etna Summit, Steve Gregory

Brooding Monster-Etna Summit,
Steve Gregory

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FirstIan BaileyEvolution XIV10
SecondJohn GilbertResting boats10
ThirdSteve GregoryBrooding Monster-Etna S...
Barry ClarkPumpkins galore9
Jed ThornleyGlaciers9
Jed ThornleyIceland9
Clive ChaterLagoon of Balos
Mark FlyHigh tide late afternoon
Wendy DaviesInverdoorn Game Reserve
John GilbertLocation location8
Simon RichardsBedroom View Of The Cor...8
Simon RichardsDevonshire View Of The ...8
Wendy DaviesView from Robben Island8
Clive ChaterRiver Wey from Milbridge
Mark FlyCrossing to St Pauls
Steve GregoryWeir on the River Arle7
Ian BaileyThe Darkness
Themed Challenge 1 (PDIs) "Silver and/or Grey": judged by Andrew Mills
Going Up, Clive Chater

Going Up, Clive Chater

Four Forks, Mark Fly

Four Forks, Mark Fly

Twilight Years, Sue Dewey

Twilight Years, Sue Dewey

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FirstClive ChaterGoing Up10
SecondMark FlyFour Forks10
ThirdSue DeweyTwilight Years10
Steve KirkbySilver Wraith
Barry ClarkFading impression9
David QuickHarley Twin Cam9
Graham DeweyPulling Together9
Ian BaileyFlorence is the Machine9
Ian BaileySgothan Geala9
Jed ThornleyWho says l've got a dir...9
Jed ThornleyYou looking at me9
Simon RichardsSilver Top9
Steve Gregorythe Old Engineer9
Tim KellyThe Grey Door9
Tony Cole50 Shades of.....Indulg...9
Tony ColeLady In Grey Going For 69
Wendy Daviesthey're Real!9
Barry ClarkKnapped flint wall
Becky RobinsonSilver skyscraper
Becky RobinsonSilverback
John GilbertBlades
Kelvin PerrySenior citizen
Mark FlySilvered Lake
Steve GregoryGrey Day with a Silver ...
Sue DeweyMagpie Mine
Tim KellyConcrete & Steel
Clive ChaterThe Sky Is The Limit8
David QuickNash Point Glamorgan8
Graham DeweyLondon Bridge8
John GilbertSilver Cobra8
Kelvin PerryRacing 88
Steve EmmersonCatch8
Steve Emmersonspin8
Steve KirkbyP-38 Lightning8
David GodfreyFireworks over Plymouth...
David GodfreyMirror image
Olwen PartonSilver radials
Simon RichardsChanging Course
Sue SnelsonBath time
Sue SnelsonThis is my good side
Wendy DaviesSouth Bank-sy